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Unique and handmade home decor

All vintage rugs, kilims, patchwork rugs and poufs you find in our store are unique and can only be seen and bought here.

When much around us is being mass-produced, we are constantly getting more and more people who appreciate the unique. Every single one of our products has its own character and atmosphere. They remind us again and again that nature's colors, patterns, texture and the feeling under the fingers are impossible for humans to recreate. Just take a look at our cowhide rugs! You can read more about what a cowhide patchwork rug is and what makes our cowhide rugs special on our page About Patchwork Rugs.

Etnodesign.se cares about putting quality and craftsmanship first, using natural and ecological materials that remind us of nature and our origins. Our vision is to keep alive and spread ethnic design and genuine local culture through global entrepreneurship.

Whether it's carpets, poufs or cutting boards, all our products are characterized by the highest hand-made quality and are selected or specially ordered to make your life more enjoyable. Own and use them with pride!

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(NOTE! The product images you see in this store do not reflect reality. The products look and feel much better in real life, as our satisfied customers regularly point out. If, contrary to expectations, you do not experience the same, then we ask you to use your right of return. As our customer should you be super satisfied and nothing else!)